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Working for a break

I've just started to realise why parents don't always enjoy holidays! This may be a bit of a faux pas to admit but when you have a child, the holidays become all about the children don't they? Am I being selfish?

We've just got back from a week away in Norfolk, a caravan park, a sandy beach, amusement arcades, water flumes and nightly entertainment. I'm shattered! Roman my boy loved every second but still woke me up at 6am and was in full-on energy mode until his (much later) bedtime every night.

Now, we're home, he's back to school and I have a 5yr old going on 15 - the grumps are real, the attitude savvy and the negotiations even tougher. He seems to grow up that little bit more after every school break.

I never thought I'd be the Mum wishing him in to every after-school club but they can't come soon enough!

Anyone else? Is it bad to complain when I know we are so lucky? When do I get the break, the holiday, the lie-ins, the lazy days of quiet? I reckon I've got about 10 year of this left to go - wish me luck!!!

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