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It’s a funny old time, March.  That 'not-quite-done' with Winter weather with teases of sunnier climes on the way.

This time of year marks quite a major time for me.  March was the month I left London 6 years ago, after 25+ years of a crazy times, for a whole new life , just 3 months after losing Mum.  March is also the month I bought a home a year later to set down new roots, whilst I was growing my baby; the start of a new family to truly cement this new life.


So here I am, 5 years later finally starting to see the light once again. The buds are set, ready to burst, the skies that little bit bluer and the birds just that little bit louder and I find myself feeling more positive about the year ahead. 

For me, 2024 has been quite a major turning point. After having my son in 2019 I thought within months I was back to my old self, working, plugging on the old career path but nothing really seemed quite right, nothing fit, I really hadn’t found my groove despite trying.  It’s only now, on reflection, I realise I just couldn’t, and shouldn’t, have forced that change.  I needed time, and it wasn’t to get back to the old me which is what I was searching and striving for but to actually work out what the new me was, what the new me wanted and what future the new me really wanted to strive towards.


I think I’ve almost got it, and it’s over these blog posts I hope to be able to share these little moments of clarity and self-discovery that I’ve found, nurtured and perhaps somewhat forced!  I hope you find some nuggets in my words that will spark a fire, light an idea or just allow you to relate and to know we’re all on a funny old journey and never really work it all out all the time, and perhaps we don't actually need to either.

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