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Doing our bit to show love for the Planet

The beauty of nature and wildlife is at the heart of Nettlefold so in turn conservation and the perseveration of endangered animals, and the environment, are causes extremely close to our heart.


Nettlefold recognises that we should have a commitment beyond the standard legal requirements, to ensure our products are produced as ethically as possible. We aim to do everything we can to improve our environmental performance, to be aware of how our products are made and the resources used. 


We will endeavour to use suppliers that have the same outlook and vision as we do.  We try to support fellow small, local businesses and wherever possible, create as much as we can, from scratch in the Cotswolds.


Designed and printed in the UK and made with 300gsm paper FSC certified.

Certification guarantees that pulp is sourced from well-managed forests with a socially responsible chain of production.  Also certified carbon neutral.

The printing company is a family-run business in Gloucestershire.


Both the Bunny flags and personalised bunting are all made with UK-sourced FSC certified birch wood.

The thread supplied is 100% natural cotton made and sold in the UK.

The bunting is printed by a small independent business in Oxfordshire


The bags used to package the cards are made with Kraft paper which is 100% sustainable and made from all types of wood pulp making it one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The tissue paper used to wrap the prints is made with 100% recycled pulp fibres and fully recyclable.

The Nettlefold logo stickers are all made in the UK and fully recyclable.


Most of the recycled paper used in the envelopes is made from 'low grade' (the greenest) post-consumer waste. These are not dyed or bleached using any chlorine, the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials


The pewter keyrings are made using British materials and hand-made in the UK with kraft brown tags made with recycled paper.


The hard back kraft covered books with paper pages are all made with recycled paper and fully recyclable.

Produced and printed in the UK.

The smaller A6 notebooks are made with FSC certified paper, printed and packed in the Cotswolds by a family-run business in Gloucestershire.


Made with 100% Organic Cotton, in the UK the pouches are printed in Bicester.  Once again supporting local and minimising transportation costs.

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