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Nettlefold Logo Green Leaf.jpg
Zoe & Mum photo
Zoe & Grandad photograph
Zoe, Grandad & rocking horse
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Thanks for stopping by, I’m Zoe, founder of Nettlefold and a lover of the outdoors, of nature, wildlife and all our furry (and not-so-furry) friends!

After losing my dear Mum quite suddenly and unexpectedly, I found myself in my childhood home ‘Nettlefold’ saying goodbye not to just my beloved Mum, but also my safe place, my sanctuary, my roots; a home to so many special memories. 


When clearing out her loft, reflecting back through my childhood, I unearthed pages and pages of poems penned by my wonderful Grandad, Lawrence Wheeler, on his trusty old typewriter. 


Grandad (or Fuf as I affectionately named him) was a hobbying poet and wrote the most beautiful words for me when I was a child, inspired by our times together playing in the British countryside. My discovery was made all the more poignant as I was expecting my first baby, the start of my own little family.

I was overtaken by the urge to share his words and these magical childhood moments with as many families as possible.  I’ve curated a selection of some of my most favourite lines, accompanied by some wonderful illustrations to create a collection of wall art prints for nurseries, pretty stationery and greeting cards that celebrate the beauty and innocence of childhood.

I do hope Fuf’s words bring as much pleasure to you and your children as they did to me, and as I know they will for me and my little boy.

Nettlefold Logo Green Leaf.jpg
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